Notes from the Roastery 29/8/16

September 2016 Coffee Offering 'Soul in the Machine 1'


Espresso: Brazilian Londrina

Filter: Ethiopia Limu

Filter: Kenya Kamuyu

Decaf: Cerro de Jesus


Heading into September we are selling our coffee as retail. We have done a few test batches, some of which haven’t quite been where we wanted them tobe. However as of now we have settled on some good roast profiles that we are proud of whilst we refine and tinker (as any good roaster will tell you, that never changes).


Our Brazilian Londrina as always really changes the myth that Brazilians are boring. With a great acidity and a rounded body our Brazilian Londrina scores well on the cupping table. When we cup our espresso we are always looking for a good balance, something slightly more muted than our filters but still exciting.


You will also be glad to know that we now have a decaf on! It’s the Cerro de Jesus from Nicaragua and cupped very very well.

In fact when we lined it up alongside 24 of our other production roasts last week it held its own… which is strange for a decaf.


On filter we have a stunning coffee – our Kenya Kamuyu really sparkles, it is also a really fun coffee to roast, it has a very subtle first crack but then a very amazingly prolonged second crack… if you spy us roasting and want to know more… just come over and ask.


A filter we are test roasting this week is the Ethiopia Limu, We are all fans of Ethiopian coffees here at Yorks however our challenge with this one is to bring out a little more than the usual ‘earthy notes’ that occurs. We want to hit some sweet notes that possibly overtake some of those classic characteristics.


Our roasting day is Wednesday currently and as such we will be hosting an open production cupping on Thursdays at 10am. Anybody interested in taking part in a production cupping and seeing how we go through the tasting and roasting process please feel free to come along for 9:45 so that we can set up on the bigger table!


The following weeks we are looking to develop our relationships with Falcon and Caravan in order to bring some exclusive coffees to Birmingham. We also have some really cool plans ahead with some exciting opportunities to give back to our community alongside HM Prison in Winson Green.


Stay PMA


Head Roaster