Notes from the Roastery 8/7/16

This weeks roasting changed drastically. Last week we found that the electricians had altered the phasing of the roaster when they did some work and so the entire roaster was running in the wrong direction, hence majorly altering a lot of factors that don’t usually come into roasting. After the alteration to fix back to normal we (i) found that the development of the bean was happening far too fast due to the amount of heat and the speed of how it rose.  So this week our roast is just past where we would ideally like it to be and so has produced some smokier notes this time round. Two gentleman came in and had a couple of espressos on the bar on Tuesday and seemingly loved the juiciness to it still, but for us its just a little too far on the medium scale.

Looking forwards to next week, we are going to look at reducing that heat over a slow period of the roast in order to get some more of the sugars and acidity out of it.

Next week we are going to be based at our good friends Caravan for a day, helping them out on the production line and also asking as many questions as we can, but also they are looking at selling green beans from their farms as wholesale too – so we have been invited to have a cupping session from their ‘Raw Materials’  farms. Very exciting, Sam and his team have always been a good beacon of how people in the industry should carry themselves and extend their learning.

I look forward to updating you all in the future.

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