Notes from the Roastery 13/7/16

Raw Material Green and The Wonderful Side of the Industry

Headed down to Londonland yesterday to visit coffee friends and talk about what we can do to bring something different to Birminghams coffee.

After spending time there in March im rather fond of the guys and girls of Caravan, this industry away from London has a funny ability to celebrate the mediocrity of the ‘scene’ and largely not dignify the ‘Industry’ the credibility it really deserves. Not here.


Walking into Caravan is a great experience, the professionalism and passion speaks volumes and is punctuated by the increasingly hard work of people such as Simon, Sam, Steve, Tane and Rege.

Sam the head roaster who has been with Caravan for Eons (previously had placed such statements into my head as ‘you will set the roaster on fire’) had set up a great cupping table with lots of their coffees they have sourced in conjunction with the offshoot Raw Materials Coffee. Colombians and Rwandans ranging from light body apple acidity to some heavy bodied spicy sweetness.


As always it was a great cupping table and has opened up some quite good opportunities of what we can source and bring to Birmingham in the future. It also leads to some wonderful options to help develop farmers and farming at source and bring them more money for their crops in a post brexit world.


In essence what Raw Materials coffee will seek to do is what the ‘cut and paste credibility’ Fair Trade wished it could do – They will aim to set a fair price direct to the farmers, educate them and tell them what they can do to increase profitability on their crops and cut out unnecessary middle men.


Currently this is focused on Colombia and Rwanda but there are rumblings of heading to Kenya to start working alongside the people there.

Whatever the journey – We look forward to becoming part of it and carrying on our Birmingham / London link for a long time to come.


Enjoy your coffee



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