Meet the artist Carl Booth @scribbleffiti

If you have visited any of the Yorks locations you will notice a few pieces of art work that watch over you whilst you eat & drink. Mysterious characters that appear on skateboards and cuts of reclaimed wood are part of a large artistic collection that appear under the name @scribbleffiti. Behind the creative work is a man called Carl Booth. We are proud to have his artwork on our walls, so we figured it would only be right to introduce him. 

Back to the beginning. How did you originally get into graffiti as an art form?

Even though my pseudonym is scribbleffiti and made up from two words, scribble as in to sketch or doodle and ffite from graffiti, I am not sure if I would describe myself as a graffiti artist I probably fit somewhat uncomfortable into the street art, urban, lowbrow category. 

I worked for many years as a graphic designer for the BBC directing & producing title sequences for programmes such as top gear, Gardeners world, CountryFile. After going freelance in 2002 I made time to explore and express myself more freely, which as led to the artworks I now produce. I still work as a graphic designer and consultant and design and build furniture made from recycled materials, commissions, murals and whatever you want to throw at me

Who (or what) are your biggest influences towards your work? 

The what: my love of drawing and need to draw, being a dyslexic, the themes of reclamation, new beginnings, how we measure intelligence, how we/I fit into society and how we influence it.

The who: M.C Escher, Jon Burgmann, Vincent Van Gough my list is almost endless and depends on when you ask me the list and order constantly changes

Most of your work that we display is layered onto reclaimed woods & recycled objects. Is this your preferred method? what are your reasons behind this?

Yes at the moment most defiantly and I don't see that changing. As for my reasons I am very interested in the theme and the act of reclamation both of things and of people.

Is the Graffiti scene alive & well in Birmingham? If so, what future work/events should we be looking out for? If not what needs done about this?

Maybe we should look at the art scene in Birmingham as a whole. There are a lot of great things happening in Birmingham but I not sure how much the public get to hear about it. Sometimes it seems it all happens behind closed doors. Two events you might want check out Sneaks and Peaks and City of Colours.

What are the plans for Scribblefitti in the future? any dream projects or collaborations that you would like to work on?

To keep on keeping on i.e. experimenting whit new ideas, redesign and update my website, to start selling my work online. As for dream projects and collaborations there is so much I would love to do, thinking about it blows my mind. I love what I get to do they are all dream projects. So more please.

To finish off. The world has come to an end, you now have to live in a bunker underground. what 5 things do you take down with you?

I am pretty sure I could not survive in a bunker I need to get out into the great outdoors.Things are not that important to me but my family is but they might say they could not survive in a bunker with me.

To see more of Scribbleffiti's work follow him via Instagram @scribbleffiti