Who are we?

At its simplest, Yorks exists to serve uplifting food, outstanding coffee and create memorable experiences for our customers.

Set against the backdrop of many of Birmingham’s top restaurants, Yorks is a collection of ideas inspired by the travels of our team, with an emphasis on craft and ingredients.

Founded in August 2012, owner Simon Ford was driven to bring the very best to Birmingham. That ambition and focus allowed us to produce and attract the best team Birmingham has to offer. Richard Trueman & Aaran Thornton, who have 14 years combined experience in coffee, have worked with some of the best coffee roasters in the UK and have defined Yorks as the only real choice in Birmingham for specialty coffee.

Richard’s creativity and passion for great food has now led him to drive the food offering for Yorks, bringing ideas and flavours which we hope will inspire our customers to rethink what it means to be a coffee shop & cafe in Birmingham.